AzDry CP1 Sport Drysuit

AzDry CP1 Sport Drysuit


  • £700.00

The Azdry CP1 Sport suit is a rear entry telescopic dry suit.

With this design you have the ease of entry via a long rear entry zip but the advantage of the telescopic system for improved freedom of movement.

The advantage of the hard-wearing cordura material in the lower part of the suit.

In the upper part we use the more flexible polyester material.

The Azdry CP1 Sport suit is an extremely flexible suit in its use which makes it the perfect school suit as well as the personal diving suit.

The telescopic system uses internal shoulder braces and a external crotch strap in conjunction with a light weight polyester torso band this enables the suit to fit up to 20 cm in height.

There are six polyester colour options which can be used just for the sleeves or the whole of the top to suit your school needs. High tenacity nylon is also available for the lower part of the suit if preferred

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