Mares EOS 7RZ

Mares EOS 7RZ


  • £172.00

Bright and versatile, practically indispensable

• Multifunction switch (ON, LOW, FLASH, OFF)
• Adjustable focus
• Rechargeable

Its smaller size makes the Eos 7RZ a very versatile torch, perfect as a main
torch in recreational dives or as a backup during more demanding dives. The
adjustment system allows users to regulate the beam of light in the 700-lumen
LED CREE XM-L as needed, from 12° to 75°. The multifunction magnetic sliding
switch can be operated with just a simple motion of the thumb. The battery can
be recharged using a USB cable. Construction of corrosion-resistant anodized
aluminum make it sturdy, durable, and able to withstand depths of 100 m.

For more information about the EOS RZ family take a look at this video:

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