SofnoDive Pre Packed Scrubber 2 Pack

SofnoDive Pre Packed Scrubber 2 Pack


  • £61.00

No need to pack scrubber yourself with pre-packed SofnoDive 797.

SofnoDive® 797 eliminates the need for the user to come into contact with the absorber material (Sofnolime®) and provides a guaranteed performance.

Each package holds 2 containers of scrubber. Each container provides 3 hours of CE approved dive time.

SofnoDive 797, made by Molecular Products, is the only scrubber that Poseidon Diving Systems AB has approved to be used with Poseidon’s rebreathers.


Each unit is filled with Sofnolime® 797 dive grade soda lime.

Technical Feature:

> Easy to install
> 3 hour dive time (CE)
> 2 year shelf time
> Disposable, 2.7 kg.


Each canister has been tested for a duration of 180 minutes at 40 m/131 ft, water temperature of 4°C / 39,2°F, and a breathing rate of 40 lpm producing 1.6 liters CO2 per minute at STPD (Standard Temperature & Pressure,Dry in accordance with EN14143) 

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